„An eclectic city“

Erlangen lies in southern Germany in the state of Bavaria. Bavaria is landwise the largest of the sixteen german states. The city of Erlangen (Mittelfranken region) is one of 8 large cities in Bavaria.

„A University and Siemens Town“

With 103,000 residents, Erlangen is a pleasant city with many cultural establishments and freetime activities. The University and numerous Siemens Divisions add to the international flair of the city. Erlangen is the location of important scientific institutions and strives to be the top city for the Medical Sciences.

„Bicycle Town“

In a city known for the High-Tech, the bicycle is the preferred method of transportation. A well developed system of bike pathways makes this form of transportation comfortable and secure.

„Starting point for mobile people“

Erlangen is in the metropolitan region of Nuremberg and is accessable by two major highways. The city is also part of the ICE highspeed train network.

Bamberg and Rothenburg ob der Tauber

In the imediate vicinity and in easy reach are the architectually charming cities of Bamberg (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Visiting these two frankish cities is the highlight for any visitor interested in other cultures.

Fränkische Schweiz

The closely situated „Fränkische Schweiz“ (Franconian Switzerland) is just outside the front door. The name comes from the charming nature, fields, wildlands and streams, that remind visitors and hikers of Switzerland.

This is an ideal recreation area for the sporty and not so sporty type. You can hike, bike, climb and canoe. And of course there are many Biergartens and small breweries where you can enjoy a typical frankish meal.