Frequently Asked Questions

I speak little or very little German. How and when can I begin to learn German?
Please have a look at our current course schedule or give us a call. We will tell you the next possible starting dates. In general, we open a new course with a minimum of four participants (group rate).
How do I pick the right course?
You are welcome to come by for a free consulting session (conversation and/or proficiency level test). We will recommend a suitable course and invite you to a trial class. After this, you can decide yourself on how to proceed.
Is there a registration fee?
For the first registration we charge €35,- (standard courses).
Consulting interview and entry-level test are free of charge as well as a taster class in one of our ongoing groups. One to one lessons are being charged for from the first lesson. You may nevertheless book a taster class before deciding how to go on.
How long does a course go on for?
Intensive course
Our courses are in accordance with the levels of the European Framework of Reference. One level (i.e. A2.1 or A2.2, etc.) usually includes four weeks (20 lessons of 45 min. each week). The course fee has to be paid latest until the end of the first course week. You need to let us know two weeks in advance about planned absence.
Standard course
One level (i.e. A2.1 or A2.2, etc.) usually includes twelve weeks (two 90 min sessions each week). The course fee for the entire course is to be paid after the second evening at the latest. You need to let us know two weeks in advance about planned absence.
What if I miss (a) class(es)?
You can make up for the missed class in another group. Should there be no parallel group the same level as yours you may join another one for repetition or a higher one for „preview“.
I want to study as much and as quickly as possible and thus make the best out of my stay in Germany. I want to prepare for a German language examination (e.g. for university admission).
You should go for an intensive course. Duration of each level (A1.1, A1.2 etc) is four weeks: 20 lessons (45min each) per week, including self study exercises according to number of participants. There are 5 - 12 participants in an intensive group.
There is always a test at the end of each level and we are happy to certify your successful results. Information about prices and times, see „Prices“ and „Classes“ on our website.
I would like to work with a personal tutor on my vocabulary and on communication skills, that are important for me (e.g. presentation, communication in the office, etc.)
For you, we recommend one-on-one tuition. Please make an appointment for a first consulting session, also on the phone if you like.
Can I take a language test with you?
We will prepare you for taking one of the German language proficiency tests (e.g. DSH, TestDaF, Zertifikat Deutsch). The test itself will be administered by the VHS, the University or another testing agency. We will happily give you advice.
I learn best when talking about interesting subjects and pick up vocabulary and grammar „on the go“.
Come to one of our conversation classes, take a look at our current program or ask us!
Which books do I need and where can I buy them?
For the group classes, you will need a textbook like „Menschen“ or „Mittelpunkt neu“. You can buy it at local booksellers (e.g. Thalia) or via the Internet (e.g., If your course is paid by your company we will buy the book for you and include it in the bill.
Can I get proof of my participation in one of your courses?
Certainly. We will confirm your participation in one of our courses and the achieved level of proficiency („Gemeinsamer Europäischer Referenzrahmen“)
I do not have the time to commit to a regular course (or) I do not live in Germany (any more).
We do have a flexible way to work with you to improve your German:
Our Skype ™ courses are the perfect option for you. The lessons can be tailored to your personal interests, requirements and learning targets, no matter if you want to initiate, update, brush-up or extend your German skills.
To start we need your Skype name and your E-mail address. If you need help to install Skype we are happy to give advice.