Our Teaching Team

Experienced, highly qualified and very involved teachers will introduce you to the German language, local customs and culture. If you have just arrived in Germany, a lot will be new and unusual for you. You will always be welcome to approach us for your questions and wishes!

Monika Ebert

„Abroad“ in Franconia

I was born in Heidelberg, completed my university studies and lived there for a long time. Upon completion of my state exams for being a teacher of the German language, I started to work professionally as a teacher. At the same time, my interest in foreign cultures in general and foreign people in particular was sparked!

I started to read, I took part in seminars – and traveled! My favorite part of the world was the Asian continent and Australia. My travels led me South East Asia, later on to Hong Kong, China, Tibet, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, and Australia. In Hong Kong, I worked as an English teacher for children and adults and in the studio for movies with Kung Fu star Jackie Chan.

After returning to Germany I learned various techniques of communication and personality training. Since the mid 1990s, I have lived in Franconia and have taught German as a foreign language. Today, I have little time for long travels abroad, but my job is like “being on the go” – an exciting travel with friends, where we can all learn from and with everybody!

Do you want to know more? Ask me! I am looking forward to talking with you!

Martina Ziegler

Hello, Hola, Salut,

my name is Martina Ziegler and I am coming from Stuttgart. I have always been fascinated by the opportunities languages offer: How is it possible to express my thoughts in words? Why do so many misunderstandings happen? So, what else could I study but Language and Philosophy? I finished my studies at Konstanz university with the Qualified Teacher Status and added German as a Foreign Language as an extra qualification.

Ever since my pastime has been my daily work. I work as journalist, editor and teach German as a Foreign language, first in Konstanz now in Erlangen. I love travelling to foreign countries to discover new languages and cultures. I am very much looking forward to new students and all these thrilling stories of theirs.

Olha Popovych

Since many years I have been teaching German as a foreign language with a lot of joy and enthusiasm. The positive feedback of many students motivates me each and every day.

My DAF studies (German for foreigners) I completed from 2001 to 2006. Through the academic basis and my daily teaching practice, I can build on a fund of experience, which I like to pass on to all our students.

To impart knowledge, help with words and deeds and learn something new every day from the people who come from all over the world and all cultures to us: that is what fascinates me about my job.

Andrea Reinhardt

Since many years, Andrea teaches German as a foreign language - always with great joy.

Andrea is trained as a Diplom-Germanist and DaF lecturer (Contrastive Linguistics and German as a Foreign Language / University of Bamberg) and has a long experience in intensive courses, individual trainings, company trainings and in the preparation for the university preparatory exam (DSH, Test DaF, Goethe and Telc certificates).

She has also lived abroad for a long time in Siena / Italy (2 years), DarEsSalaam / Tanzania (3 years), Manila / Philippines (7 months) and can therefore easily understand how it is, when you are new to a new country and for example do not know how to buy a bus ticket, rent a flat, and at the same time learn a new language.

Andrea enjoys a lot to be with international people from different countries and finds it interesting and exciting to get to know and learn about different ways of life.

Quirin Pusch

As a young person my interest in books and reading began quite late. But since then I have been gripped with passion for reading and quickly got interested in my native language as well as in foreign languages. Therefore I graduated at university in literature and languages and went on several trips abroad.

I visited France, the USA, Belarus, Uzbekistan and Armenia and taught in the Ukraine. After taking my Master's degree I worked as a lecturer at the university of Bamberg for nearly ten years.

I have always enjoyed the interaction with students. Working as a language teacher is a fulfilling job and I am happy to support the team of Monika Ebert’s language school and to share my experiences and my enthusiasm.

Karl-Heinz Schoppelrey

„My philological studies have satisfied me that a gifted person ought to learn English (barring spelling and pronouncing) in thirty hours, French in thirty days, and German in thirty years.“

(Mark Twain: „The Awful German Language“, appearing as an appendix to his travel book A Tramp Abroad (1880). For the full text of „The Awful German Language“ see here or here.)

Is this true? If so, why crucify yourself and learn German? Just for the fun of learning something new and different? Do you work for a German company? Or might it be useful to understand why the policeman is „asking“ you for 40 Euros; to order (and re-order) in a restaurant; to listen to a Mozart or Wagner Opera (or „Tokyo Hotel“) in German?

There are, of course, many more reasons to learn German. What’s your intention? Believe me, Mr. Twain is not correct. Once you have overcome the initial shock and have mastered basic grammar, it gets easier and easier. Join in!

David Wagner

Languages are my passion and as I was raised bilingual (german-french) I discovered this interest already at a young age.

I grew up in a small village in the middle of Germany named Niederaula (Hessen). During my language and literature studies in Freiburg I got the chance to teach German at a French school.

I enjoyed this experience so much, that I decided to work for various language schools in Belgium, France and Germany.

For me, to teach and also to learn a language does not only mean to be able to communicate but also to gain insights into a new culture. Very fascinating!

Jana Küchler

I was born in Hamburg and went to university in Vienna and Lübeck.

Some time ago I came to Erlangen to continue my studies at the FAU university and to work as a qualified teacher of German language

I am fascinated by German language and love to teach it to people from all over the world. I am aware that for adults it is not so easy to learn a new language. Therefore I love to support all of you who take the challenge!

Petra Vogt

Hi folks!!! My name is Petra.

I have been teaching German as a Foreign language for more than 26 years. It is my dream job: teaching and at the same time learning about other countries, cultures and – most important – people! In all those years the teaching German has never become a monotonous routine – quite the opposite: it is getting more and more exciting.....

Dr. Stephanie Krebs

I was born in Halle an der Saale and my studies of Romance language and German as a foreign language led me to beautiful Franconia.

For five years I have been teaching German with much joy, enthusiasm and success, and also continued educating myself during this time.

Since September 2016 I am working as a teachers' trainer. Our company is called "Weiterkommen gGmbH" and trains instructors for DaF (german as a foreign language).

Our project has already won the German Citizens Prize 2016: „Deutschland 2016 – Integration gemeinsam leben“.

At Monika's language school, I will now be availabale as a lecturer for further education for the teachers.

So I am always, although indirectly, in contact with you! “Servus!” See you!

Stefanie Jacob und Sol

We (Sol and myself) are off to new adventures and send „Mejor saludos“ from Spain – our new home!