More room(s) for our students!

We have two new and beautiful classrooms in Schuhstraße 8 (classrooms 5 and 6).

The office and the classrooms (1,2,3 and 4) are as usual in Schuhstraße 12.

Many Years of Experience

We've been teaching German as a foreign language since 1996 when Dörte Baumann originally founded the Baumann School for German.

Since 2005, the school has been run by Monika Ebert, who since her start in 1997 has used her years of German Language studies to bring an engaging teaching style to the school. Her competence, enthusiasm, and ability to create a fun learning environment have given the school a distinguished reputation.

Learning German Made Easy

We are a well known, small Language School that specializes in the teaching of german as a foreign language.

By teaching in groups of 5-11 participants, the qualified and engaging teachers are always available. This provides an individualized learning process, because everyone has their own manner of learning a new language.

Profit from our many years of experience: we will help you leverage you strengths in learning a new language and work with you to identify and correct weaknesses. Enjoyment of the growing communications ability with fun and laughter included free of charge.